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In today’s age of fast communication, the internet has transformed the scenario as it was a few decades back and Aeronuvotech has been working day and night over the past to incorporate IoT in as many industry verticals as possible. From smart manufacturing to agriculture, from smart transport to hospitals, we offer our expert service in wireless communication design and engineering to a wide range of clients across the globe.

Services we provide

IoT Product Design

Aeronuvotech has earned its name over the years for its expert low power wide area network technology services to its clients.

  • NB-IoT
  • LoRa IoT

IoT Solution Architecture

IoT has expanded its wings into mining solutions and Aeronuvotech is here to provide extravagant mining solution architectures to its global clients and other various industry verticals

  • Mining Solution Architecture
  • Hospital Asset Tracking Solutions Architecture
  • Medical Device Solutions
  • Wearable Tracking Solutions for Social Distance Monitoring

Product Development

A wide range of applications are now exclusively dependent on smart programs for delivering best results. Aeronuvotech takes immense pride in developing these products.

  • LoRa Based Gateways
  • LoRa Based Nodes
  • FPGA Board Bring-up
  • NB-IoT Based Modules / Nodes
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Based Nodes along with LTE Gateway
  • Many other Applications

Wireless Protocol

Communication has turned truly wireless in the 21st century. Aeronuvotech offers multiple wireless communication protocol services to its clients.

  • Bluetooth
  • ZigBee
  • LoRa
  • NB-IoT

Product Testing

Aeronuvotech has one of the biggest in-house product testing setups to ensure the right quality product design and development for its clients.

  • IoT Product Testing Setu
  • Automatic Test Equipment for mass production testing
  • LabView Based Test Software Platform


Aeronuvotech has also earned its name in the manufacturing field of IoT modules.

  • LoRa Modules
  • Bluetooth IoT Modules

Programs and Engagements

Aeronuvotech offers a wide range of engagement programs to its clients.

  • Asset tracking
    • Using Bluetooth Beacon (passenger traceability in Airport/ Ship / Theme Park)
    • Using RFID Passive Solution (Hospital Asset Management)
  • Smart Mining
    • Dumper Tracking Management using Bluetooth and/or RFID Passive Solution
  • Smart Building
    • HVAC Monitoring
    • Hume Monitoring
    • Light Control

Our Projects, Skillsets, and Experience

Over the years, Aeronuvotech has worked in multiple projects across various industries, thus continuously honing their skills and experience for providing the best services to their clients. Some of our most common projects include:

  • NB-IoT Based Product Design and Development
  • LoRa Based Product Design and Development
  • PoC for Warehouse Application
  • PoC for Telecommunication Tower
  • Wireless Communication Modules in Mining industry
  • NB-IoT Network Product Development
  • LoRa Based Gateway Development
  • IoT Based 5G Applications (In Progress)